If you’re going to perform inception, you need imagination

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Eames character archetypes triptych: Jester | Creator | Magician

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Mr. Eames

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Wait, you guys get that Eames doesn’t just pull on his clothes in the dark right? You know everything he wears has been chosen and it’s a certain kind of eccentric, expat style that is a big British two fingers up to convention, to propriety and function. His shirts are…


Tom Hardy as Eames The Man in Mombassa.
TOM HARDY on the Eames Character: “There’s something very old school, MI-5 about this guy as well. He’s got the Graham Greene, Our Man in Havana type - old and faded, a slightly shabby down-and-out diplomat. A bit unscrupulous and off-the-radar. He’s got the gambling and he’s into the dream stuff. Parts of him you find questionable, but you’ve also got the fighting and the scenes within the dreamscape, which shows a potential military background. He’s a very can-do person with weaponry as well. He is a good blend of the British kind of espionage take on what a James Bond type would be. Educated. Also minimal effort, maximum force when it comes to the speedy delivery of violence and death. That’s something we pride ourselves on in the military in Britain. That was very clear. He’s an archetype.”



Haha I love how Straight!Eames is considered AU. I’m sorry Chris Nolan.

Tags: #bet chris would be shocked for the fans to interpret Eames as gay #since he intended Eames to be the james bond playboy type #but cmon instead of being all over ariadne…

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There really isn’t enough femme homme fatale depictions of Arthur in this fandom :(


So… I am probably the only one who sees this.  1920’s gangster au anyone?

Reblogging this again because omfg Arthur/Eames!

A Long-Forgotten Fairytale [an Arthur/Eames fanmix]  

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