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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Jimmy Fallon talking about Tom Hardy. (7-16-12)

Oh. My. God.

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Yeah, because I am definitely not going to run out and buy these as soon as they hit the shelves.  Because that would be weird, right?

Not that this really NEEDS to be on my blog again.

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This is gorgeous.

Resurfacing this because unf!!

Must be on my dash at all times.

In case everyone was not already blatantly aware of this fact.

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^THIS. oh my god we made another discovery :’)

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Phantom of the Opera - Arthur & Eames 
Start a new life with me - buy his freedom with your love. refuse me. and you send your lover to his death . this is the choice 
 Who was that shape in the shadows? whose is the face in the mask?


During A job interview , arthur struggles to concentrate & finish his sentences with Eames sitting across from him & teasing him with his charming looks & expressions.

-so why do you think you are absolutely perfect for this job?

Arthur: Well im a really hard worker , i learn very quick…and-i um…ummmm…

-will you be able to give us your 100%?

Arthur: Yes absolutely , ill put all my effert into it and try my hardest to-uhhh….to …uhhhh…heh

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Eames/Arthur - Requested by wearingunderwearsneveranoption

I can’t give you what you want 
And it’s killing me 
And I, I’m starting to see 
Maybe we’re not meant to be 

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Opaque  by  andbamnan