AU: A frustrated Eames is pulled over late at night by a strikingly handsome police officer named Arthur. After being threatened with a speeding ticket and faced with losing his final points and consequently his license, Eames is offered a very enticing alternate method of payment… Which he gladly accepts.

Major credit to tomhardysswag and bondurantfeels for helping me out with this.



lol. Gotta love those manips


Arthur/Eames AU — In which Eames is the CIA agent assigned to protecting Arthur for what he knows.

(or even Eames as an assassin with Arthur as his mark, if you’re so inclined….. I could probably even spin this off of Dark Angel~ this is what happens when I’m bored).



This, forever in my life…

It baffles me that people were able to move on from this fandom.  How do you overlook the utter perfection that was the Arthur/Eames ship?!

Trying to practice my line art. Not sure if I’ll color this……
Opaque  by  andbamnan